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Film Equipment Rentals

Equipment Type Maker Price (in yen)
16mm Projector Model CL-250 - 250w halogen lamp; Speaker Elmo 5,250
16mm Projector Model XP-750 - 750w xenon lamp; Separate 1.2kw speaker Elmo 21,000
16mm Replaceable Projector Lens - 75mm Elmo 1,575
16mm Replaceable Projector Lens - 25mm Elmo 1,575
16mm Replaceable Projector Scope Lens - (for cinemascope) Elmo 2,100
16mm Projector Speaker Hokushin 2,100
16mm Projector Long-Play Unit LPU6000 - Up to 6,000ft. 100W Yokogawa 8,400
16mm Film Rewinder - Up to 6,000ft.   1,575
16mm Film Viewer   2,625
16mm Film Tape Splicer   2,100
35mm Film Tape Splicer   2,100
Screen - Collapsible front 3.0m x 2.25m White vinyl    15,750
Screen - Hanging 2.4m x1.8m Aurora 5,250
Liquid Crystal Projector LP-2000. 25-150", 2.3m-6.7m Sanyo 21,000
Film-Video Converter TRV-16G - For 16mm Elmo 15,750
Laser Disc Player CLD-70 Pioneer 12,600
Slide Projector S-AV2050 - 325W halogen lamp Kodak 6,300
Minidisk (MD) Recorder MDS-101 Sony 5,250
Mixer M-06ST - 5 channels. Stereo input. 10W TEAC 3,150
Speaker with Built-in Amplifier AW-1 - with AM/FM tuner and cassette deck BOSE 6,300
Microphone DX-006 - Dynamic. Uni-directional AZDEN 1,050
Dark Curtain - 1m x 2m    315
Transceiver HX610 - Specific low-power (1 assembly of 2 units) Marantz Japan  4,200 
Flashlight - 16W    525
Calling Bell    315

【Equipment Rental Rules and Regulations】

Additional Fees

Projectionist Fee (16mm film) (per screening within Tokyo)
(includes all machinery, projectionist services and transportation expenses)
Projectionist Dispatch Fee (16mm film) (Retainer for 1 screening, up to 5 hours) 26,250
Assistant Projectionist Dispatch Fee (16mm film) (Retainer for 1 screening, up to 5 hours) 10,500
Accompanimental Music Mixer Fee (Retainer for 1 screening, up to 5 hours) 31,500

We can also provide estimates for dispatch outside of Tokyo and for large venues.

Extra charges apply for local screenings which require overnight accommodations.

Travel and overnight accommodation expenses will be invoiced separately.

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