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Matsuda Film Productions has an extensive collection of irreplaceable classic films for your use. You will be able to find over 1,000 films on 6,000 reels depicting historical figures and movie stars from the Meiji to the Showa Periods. We will be happy to offer the use of films in our collection for your creative projects in a wide range of areas, including television programs, commercials and videos for exhibitions.

Inquiry->research, Lists of candidate films->screening, Rental of sample tapes->Determination of screening venue->Delivery of requested materials->Return of materials, Submission of usage report

First, let us know by phone or e-mail the video or image you are looking for. Be sure to also include the length of time you will need it.

We will research your inquiry by computer and other methods to prepare a list of candidate films for you. Our service is free of charge up to this point.

You can visit us to view the film(s), or we can prepare sample tapes for you.

We will edit material into your desired shape and deliver them to you.

Once you have completed your editing, we ask that you return the materials promptly and hand in a usage report. We may require you to send us a copy of your completed work.

  • We are prepared to fulfill last-minute orders.
  • In most cases, we handle all aspects related to usage rights, but not always.
  • Usage fee and labor fee will vary according to the type of usage. For details, please inquire with our staff.
  • Some of our materials are restricted to certain types of usage. Usage other than that accepted under contract and secondary usage must be approved separately.
  • We cannot rent any material for the purpose of reproduction or sublease to a third party.

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    Contact us at:

    Matsuda Film Productions
    TEL: 03-3605-9981
    FAX: 03-3605-9982
    3-18-4 Towa, Adachi-ku, Tokyo, Japan 120-0003

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    Togachidake Eruption World's First Screen Kiss The Mukojima New School Commotion in the Studio Neighbors

    Basic Usage Charges

    Purpose Minimum length and charge Charge per second of overtime
    TV broadcast (for one broadcast) 1-15 sec 22,500 yen 1-60 sec: 1,500 yen each
    61 sec and longer: 1,000 yen each
    TV commercial (per local broadcast for a fixed length of time) 1-10 sec 200,000 yen 20,000 yen each
    Usage in a movie shown in a public theater 1-60 sec 300,000 yen 5,000 yen each
    Original video, video for exhibition in museum, etc. 1-60 sec 240,000 yen 4,000 yen each
    Promotional video 1-60 sec 180,000 yen 3,000 yen each
    Educational or research video (not for public use) 1-60 sec 150,000 yen 2,500 yen each

    Preview Charges

    Previewing charge (screening at Matsuda) 30 min /5,000 yen
    Sample tape rental fee 500 yen /day

    Service Charges

    Charge for dub of original film (orig -> Betacam, Digital Betacam, D-II or 1") Actual expenses billed [Example: 16mm film -> Betacam Up to one hour of extracting and editing to make a Betacam tape up to 20 minutes long: roughly 30,000 - 35,000 yen]

    * Other Points
    1. Our library consists almost entirely of films in the 16mm film format, but some works have been converted to other formats such as Betacam, Digital Betacam, D-II and VHS.
    2. The above prices do not include consumption tax, which will be duly assessed.
    3. If rented materials are returned without being used, a dubbing fee and a shipping fee of 10,000 yen will be charged.
    4. Charges are subject to change without notice.

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