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Picturebook Presentation

Join Us in Reviving the Back Alleys of Old!


Kamishibai (Picture Card Show) Performances
We have dozens of classic kamishibai collections with the original cards! Available for rental for exhibitions.

Introduction of Kami Shibai Artists


  • Our kamishibai storytellers will travel anywhere in Japan to perform at parties and all other kinds of events (hotels, children's events, schools, amusement parks, department stores, supermarkets, etc.)

  • We also handle orders to deliver "mizuame" rice crackers and other snacks of yesteryear to the performance.

  • In addition, we have collections of original picture cards used at street performances, large picture boards, "tachie" (the predecessors of kamishibai), prewar educational kamishibai and other items. These are available for use in exhibitions at museums, libraries and events.


    (Event stage which accommodate large picture boards)

     Contact us at:

    Matsuda Film Productions "Kaeru no Kai"
    3-18-4 Towa
    Adachi-ku, Tokyo 120-0003
    Tel: 03-3605-9981
    Fax: 03-3605-9982
    E-mail: katsuben@matsudafilm.com

    Kamishibai Performance Pack:
    Two 30-minute performances in one day - 45,000 yen
    Three 30-minute performances in one day - 60,000 yen

  • Performances during Japanese New Year season and Golden Week, and those which require overnight accommodations cost extra.
  • Travel and overnight accommodation expenses will be invoiced separately.
  • Please provide your own bicycle if needed for the show (Should you contract us to deliver a bicycle, you will be charged a minimum of 10,000 yen for one-way delivery within Tokyo.)
  • You will be charged for round-trip transport of articles necessary for performing kamishibai, including the picture cards and stage.
  • Mizuame Rice Crackers - One Pack (serves 100) for 2,500 yen

    Price List for Kamishibai Rental Equipment
    Classic "Tachie" Picture Card Show
    Classic "Tachie" Picture Card Show Stage
    Large Picture Board Kamishibai (Original)
    Kamishibai for Street Performance (Original)
    Classic Kamishibai (Printed copies)
    Ordinary Kamishibai (Printed copies)
    Dual Purpose Stage for Regular and Large Picture Board Kamishibai
    Box-shaped Stage for Street Kamishibai Performance
    Kamishibai Stage (cannot be used for large picture boards)
    Wooden Clappers
    Wadaiko (Japanese drum)
    15,000 yen
    15,000 yen
    3,000 yen
    3,000 yen
    1,500 yen
    1,000 yen
    8,000 yen
    8,000 yen
    3,000 yen
    1,500 yen
    2,000 yen
    2,500 yen
    2,000 yen
    * All prices are based on one-day (24 hours or less) rental of one item or one kamishibai story.
    * Item transportation expenses are borne by the customer (Should you contract us to deliver the items, you will be charged for delivery. A minimum of 10,000 yen will be charged for one-way delivery of items within Tokyo.)
    * Kamishibai Usage Fee - 5,000 yen for each use (Same price for any medium, including use in a TV broadcast)
    * Rental period for materials shall be at most one week long. If the one week limit is exceeded, rental fee shall be invoiced according to the fee for exhibition use.
    * Rental fee for materials not used during the rental period shall be invoiced according to the fee for exhibition use.

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