Motion Picture Benshi

Saito Yuko

Entered the Himawari Theatre Group in May 1981. After promotion to the Performance Department, she took part in a national tour, appearing on stage in Chiisai Majo (starring role), etc. She made an appearance in the mass media through her participation in gNHK BS Premap new foreign dramash in 1981. After leaving the Himawari Theatre Group in 1988, she worked as an assistant in mizugei (water show) and wazuma (traditional magic) performances and toured various countries as a guest performer with the Kageboushi Theatrical Company. In 2001, Saito became a student of Sawato Midori and started her performances as a benshi. She performs in various genres from animated films like Norakuro, to period dramas like Kurama Tengu by making the most of her experiences as a theatrical performer. She regularly performs at house boat live events in Shinagawa-juku. In July 2007, she performed katsuben at Osians Cinefan - 9th Festival of Asian & Arab Cinema held in New Delhi, India.

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