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Otsuki Hikaru

Style of a middle-aged kamishibai man
Style of the original character Tabo

Aspiring to a career as an actor from an early age, Otsuki began study at a talent training school in 1965. He appeared variously on television, in films, on radio, etc. From 1970, Otsuki began to work as master of ceremonies for children's shows at department stores, amusement parks and other locations, including Ultraman shows. His appearances on the sound sheet of Epoch's Family Kami Shibai in 1976 led to his joining the Kaeru no Kai storytelling society. As a student of Matsuda Shunsui, he started to formally perform picture drama narrations and continues to be very active in various fields.

In 1973, Otsuki briefly pursued a career as a comedian and joined the Tokyo Shinkigeki comedy company. Joining at the same time was Miyake Yuji, who is now head of the SEC (Super Entertainment Company). The two became partners and performed skits together before the company was dissolved in 1977.

Since then, Otsuki has also worked extensively as master of ceremonies at wedding receptions.

Otsuki Hikaru has given demonstrations of kamishibai in various places and has recently performed on the example CD for "Jiji no Digital Kamishibai," which is being sold by People Co., Ltd.


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