Silent Film Musicians

A Music Ensemble
Colored Monotone

Yuasa Joichi: Conductor, shamisen

Colored Monotone specializes in live performances of silent film music using a mixed instrumentation of Western and Japanese instruments. Since garnering rave reviews for its musical production and performance for the screening of D.W. Griffith's Birth of a Nation at the 1987 Tokyo International Film Festival, the ensemble has assiduously studied Japan's unique craft of silent film music. Colored Monotone performs extensively throughout Japan with benshi Sawato Midori.

Yuasa Joichi
After being involved in the music production and performance for The Birth of a Nation directed by D.W. Griffith screened at the 1987 Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF), he has engaged himself in the restoration and production of the once lost orchestral music for silent films. He later formed the music ensemble Colored Monotone. He has restored, composed and arranged a number of both Japanese and Western film music, and is giving performances across Japan together with benshi Sawato Modori. This year, he has released Rock Guitarist no tame no J.S. Bach Kyokushu (A Collection of J.S. Bach Pieces for Rock Guitarists) from Yamaha Music Media Corporation. He also teaches guitar at ESP Musical Academy.

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