Motion Picture Benshi

Sakamoto Raiko

Date of birth: June 23, 1979
Place of birth: Tokyo
Age: 26
Blood type: O
Height: 176cm
Weight: 60kg
Skills: Voice imitations, illustration, production of animated images

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Aspiring to become a comic book writer as a boy, he was greatly influenced and consumed by the works of Mizuki Shigeru. His daily routine was to draw pictures of ghosts and monsters until he was drawn into the world of film during his second year in junior high school. Soon after, he sets his ambition to become a benshi (silent film narrator).

He began his benshi training in 1997 when he joined a narrative group managed by Matsuda Film Productions. He made his formal debut in December 2000. The main venues of his live katsuben performances include small theaters, mini-movie theaters, welfare facilities, shrines and temples. His has approximately 50 films in his repertoire including films such as Kurama Tengu, Banba no Chutaro Mabuta no Haha (Banba no Chutaro, In Search of Mother), Kunisada Chuji, Kodakara Sodo (The Treasure That Is Children), Das Kabinett des Doktor Caligari, and The Adventurer.

His passion for drawing suddenly resurfaced in 2004 and starts a new style of performance which involves putting katsuben performance on his self-produced animation work. He is a benshi who performs both classic and modern works. Currently, he is an independent benshi.

Past works:
TV appearance:
"Road to Dream" (CX)
"Shin Mayonaka no Okoku" (NHK-BS2)
"Osama no Brunch" (TBS)
"Ekusu Puresu" (TBS)
"Za Waido" (Nihon TV)
"TXN News Eye" (TV Tokyo)
"Niko Niko Owarai Jiru" (brstTV)
Radio appearance:
"Ei Rokusuke no Doyobi Waido" (TBS)
"Kai! Eiga Juku" (Usen440)
"Evening of Old and New Silent Film" at Ginza Hakuhinkan Theater
"100th Anniversary of the Birth of Arashi Kanjuro: Kurama Tengu Festival" at Hibiya Open-Air Music Hall
"Ozu Yasujiro Film Special" at Shin-Bungeiza
Friends of Silent Film Association (regular appearance)
"Screening of Silent Films from the Good Old Days" at Takehisa Yumeji Museum
Benshi no Iru Talkie (talk live)
"Samurai Nihon no Katsudo Daishashin" (Rensa-geki: Performance style combining scenes played on stage with movie clips)
"Kui Hajime no Show Business no Tsukurikata" (Wahaha Hompo)
"Watch Silent Film and Cheer Up!" at Iruma Citizens College
"Avant-garde Evening with Neo-Katsuben" at Tama Cinema Forum
Sumer Sonic 05: SIDE-SHOW
Shinshu Environment Fair 2005
Also various events at Asakusa Toyokan, Asakusa Mokubatei, Shinjuku Loft/Plus One and more
Narration: Miyama Inc. (CM)
"Shonen Jet DVD-Box" (Kadokawa Pictures)
"Kaisan!? Speed Wagon no Kiki" (SKY PerfecTV!)
"Car Ciao," information source on secondhand cars (PV)
Production of animated images: Self-produced katsuben works
"Momotaro" (Peach Boy) (Placed in the final round of the Digital Short Award "600 sec." at the Tokyo International Fantastic Film Festival 2004. Screened at Shinjuku Milano-za.)
Five other works

Outsourced works

"Hori Monomane DVD: Cho, Mateyo!!" (HoriPro com.)
"Shigen-ikka to miru Jissen Katsudo Zone" (Place: Live screening at the "ENEX2005: Energy & Environment Exhibition" under the theme of "Harmony between Global Environment and Energy" at Tokyo Big Sight and Osaka INTEX.)
"Nippon Hitori Gurashi" (contents for mobile phone provided by Apamanshop)

Special Package Plan Silent Film Screening with Sakamoto Raiko as Benshi


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