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Research on Silent Films

Researching Information on Classic Cinema

"I want to find out detailed information about a film."
"I want to know more about a director or an actor, but I don't have the time."
"There's a film that I want to see, but I don't know where to get hold of it."
Matsuda Film Production's database and information network can be of assistance when you find yourself asking the questions above.

Please don't hesitate to enquire by e-mail. We will give you an estimate of the cost of research before beginning the search.

Price List
Telephone inquiry - free

Fax or mailing of pre-existing material (Screen personality profile, film analysis, etc.) from 1,000 yen

Preparation of original material using pre-existing material
(For example: a list of movies which were once Top Ten films and are now available in video format) from 5,000 yen

Inquiry requiring research outside the company
(Interviewing movie personalities, distributing questionnaires, etc.) from 10,000

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