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Special Package Plan
Chushingura Taikai
-Three Silent Films with Katsuben Performance-

We are offering a package plan of three silent films relating to Chushingura, a story loved by the Japanese people. Please consider this as one of your screenings or as part of your other events for 2006!

Featured Film 1:@Chikemuri Takadanobaba (Blood Splattered at Takadanobaba) (shortened version) (6 min.)

Directed by: Ito Daisuke
Starring: Okochi Denjiro

A famous story of revenge which took place in Takadanobaba when Horibe Yasubei, one of the masterless samurais of Ako, was still using the name "Nakayama Yasubei." A work by the dream pair, master director Ito Daisuke and master swordsman Okochi Denjiro, its magnificent may be seen in the fact that the story can stand on its own although only 6 minutes of the film remains today.

Featured Film 2:@Idaten Kazuemon (Run, Kazuemon, Run!) (52 min.)

Directed by: Goto Taizan
Starring: Ramon Mitsusaburo, Hara Komako, Shizuta Fusao

Good-natured yet careless is Fuwa Kazuemon, a masterless samurai of Ako. It is a thrilling kodan-style jidaigeki depicting human kindness as well as vengeance. The film stars Ramon Mitsusaburo, a very popular actor in films for the masses, and Hara Komako, who was married to him for some time.

Featured Film 3:@Jitsuroku Chushingura (Chushingura: The True Story) (65 min.)

Directed by: Makino Shozo
Starring: Ii Yoho, Moroguchi Tsuzuya, Kataoka Chiezo, and other all-star cast

A masterpiece film and one of the best films directed by Makino Shozo, who is appraised by many as the father of Japanese cinema, in commemoration of his 50th birthday. It is also a baffling film as it caused a fire during its postproduction editing.

The performance fee will differ based on the benshi, audio format (live performance or MD), event size, and other factors, so please feel free to contact us.

In principle, all three films will be 16mm films. (Upon request, we will rent out VHS videos and DVD-Rs telecined from 16mm films.)
Screenings may be hosted for a fee or for free.
We have a katsuben talkie version (benshi: Matsuda Shunsui) for featured film 1 Chikemuri Takadanobaba (Blood Splattered at Takadanobaba) and featured film 3 Jitsuroku Chushingura (Chushingura: The True Story).

In a katsuben talkie, the recording on the soundtrack of a narration by a benshi and a performance by an ensemble combining Japanese and Western instruments make it possible to recreate screening conditions in the age of the silent film in Japan simply by running the film. (All are optical talkies)

For inquiries, please contact:
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