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New Package Plan

Become a Silent Film Narrator, the Origin of Voice Actors!

"Katsuben Workshop"

Instructor: Kataoka Ichiro, etc.

We offer a hands-on event where you become a benshi, a silent film narrator!

This is one of the rare chances for anyone, from elementary school children to the elderly, to gain a first-hand experience as a benshi, working on a wide range of genres from period films to Shimpa tragedy films!

Come try out lines from
"In the dead of night, with even the 36 mountains of Higashiyama in peaceful silence..."
"Why do we die? I want to live, live for a thousand, if not ten thousand years!"

Program: (1) Lecture on the themes of "History of Films" and "What is Katsuben?"
  (2) Demonstration and lecture on narrative techniques
  (3) Individual practice (personal coaching)
  (4) Presentation (may be hosted on a different day)

- We will prepare short film excerpts of two to three minutes extracted from a variety of film genres (period films, modern films, love story, comedy, thriller, etc.) from which the participants will select their study material to practice their kastuben!
- We will prepare scripts (text) which the participants may use as a guideline!
- The workshop will be offered for an hour-and-a-half to two hours, depending on the class size!
- Presentations at big halls or presentations together with silent film screening with benshi performance are also available!

Performance fee varies with the instructor, program content and other factors. Please feel free to contact for more details.

* We will provide text materials on VHS tapes and/or DVD-R.
* Please have ready several VCRs, computers and other devices so the participants may practice more efficiently.
* Workshops may be hosted for a fee or for free.

For inquiries, please contact:
Matsuda Film Productions (contact person: Matsuda)
3-18-4 Towa, Adachi-ku, Tokyo 120-0003, Japan
Tel: 03-3605-9981
Fax: 03-3605-9982
E-mail: katsuben@matsudafilm.com

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