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Film Rentals for Hosts of Film Screenings
Special Package Plan on the 50th Years Since the Passing of Mizoguchi Kenji
-Package Plan of Three Outstanding Works (Katsuben Talkie Version) From the Silent Film Period-

This year marks the 50th year since the passing of the film director Mizoguchi Kenji, who garners as much acclaim as Ozu Yasujiro and Kurosawa Akira. (He passed away on 24 August 1956.) In his remembrance, we are now offering a special package plan for screening purposes rentals of three outstanding works (katsuben talkie version) from the silent film period.

Film 1:

Tokyo Koshin-kyoku (Tokyo March)
(shortened version)
1929 (24 min.)
Directed by: Mizoguchi Kenji
Starring: Natsukawa Shizue, Kosugi Isamu, Ichiki Reiji
Benshi: Sawato Midori

Film 2:

Taki no Shiraito (The Water Magician)
(Matsuda Film Productions edition)
1933 (98 min.)
Directed by: Mizoguchi Kenji
Starring: Irie Takako, Okada Tokihiko
Benshi: Matsuda Shunsui

Film 3:

Orizuru Osen (The Downfall of Osen)
1935 (90 min.)
Directed by: Mizoguchi Kenji
Starring: Yamada Isuzu, Natsukawa Daijiro
Benshi: Matsui Suisei

Special rental price:
126,000 yen (including tax) (A package plan price for three films)
(The special rental price applicable for requests made by 23 August 2007)


The above price is for one-day screenings. Please note that the screening (rental) days for each film may differ.

* All three films will be 16mm films. (Upon request, we will rent out VHS videos and DVD-Rs telecined from 16mm films.)
* We ask you to cover the shipping fee for films.
* A version with English subtitles available for Taki no Shiraito (The Water Magician) only.
* A version recorded at the time of production available for Orizuru Osen (The Downfall of Osen) only.
* The screenings may be charged or offered for free.
* For other details, please abide to Matsuda Film Productions' "Film Rental Regulations."

*In a katsuben talkie, the recording on the soundtrack of a narration by a benshi and a performance by an ensemble combining Japanese and Western instruments make it possible to recreate screening conditions in the age of the silent film in Japan simply by running the film. (All are optical talkies)

*We are also accepting requests for screenings of Mizoguchi films with live benshi performance. Please feel free to contact us at any time. (We have put together the "Simple Estimation Form" for your convenience.

For inquiries and requests, please contact:
Matsuda Film Productions (contact person: Matsuda)
3-18-4 Towa, Adachi-ku, Tokyo 120-0003, Japan
Tel: 03-3605-9981
Fax: 03-3605-9982

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