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Matsuda's Mini-Theater

Here you can view your favorite films at your own convenience. Try our screening room for your club activities, as an exciting place to conduct your film research, or just to enjoy watching classic movies!

Our vast selection includes "katsuben talkies" (silent films to which benshi narrations and musical accompaniment have been added to recreate the original screening conditions) and early talkies.

Maximum viewing group size: 15 persons
Charge: 5,000 yen per half-hour; 6,000 yen per half-hour after the business hour (Saturdays, Sundays, no-business day, and evenings from 6:00). Charge is the same regardless of how many people are in the group.

This facility can also be used to screen 16mm films and video tapes (VHS, S-VHS, liquid crystal projector) brought in from outside. (Charge is the same)

ĦMajor Works

Katsuben Talkies for Rent
Setsumei Sound Films and Others for Rent

Direct your inquiry to:

Matsuda Film Productions
3-18-4 Towa
Adachi-ku, Tokyo 120-0003
Tel: 03-3605-9981
Fax: 03-3605-9982
(A 7-minute walk from Kita Ayase Station on the Chiyoda Subway Line)

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