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Established in 1952 by Matsuda Shunsui with the purpose of excavating and restoring the then lost from sight Japanese film genre. The company has a collection of over 1000 films (approximately 6000 reels) from which it holds screenings. These movies are shown regularly at the Friends of Silent Films Association and many other special and regularly scheduled events, both in Japan and abroad.

A large number of the films in the Matsuda collection are available -- worldwide -- for the following purposes:

You can use these classic films to help make your own dramatic films, television programs, commercials, and exhibition videos even better.

In addition to films, we have a wealth and variety of materials and data on classic film, including stills, posters, programs, antique projectors, tape recordings of legendary benshi (silent film narrators), and musical accompaniments to silent films. We also provide benshi to perform at silent movie screenings upon your request.

So if you are interested in classic films or if you somehow come into contact with silent films in your line of work, don't hesitate to contact us to find out about our many services designed to satisfy your every need.


Friends of Silent Films Association

The Friends of Silent Films Association was founded in 1959 by Shunsui Matsuda and his circle of friends and contemporaries to introduce to a wide audience the intrinsic pleasure and wonder that can be derived from motion pictures through the screening of silent films as they were originally shown, with benshi (narrator) and musical accompaniment.

In addition to holding monthly screenings in Tokyo, mainly of movies owned by Matsuda Film Productions, the Association also publishes the quarterly, Katsukichi, the Friends of Silent Film newsletter, and the monthly Classic Cinema News.

Joining the Friends of Silent Film Association will entitle you to receive schedules of upcoming screenings, discounts on admission prices, and other privileges. For an outline of some of the movies available in the Matsuda archive please check out our index in either English or Japanese

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